Volunteer for CAP Brainstorm

Advise nonprofits in sessions that fit your schedule

Why volunteer with CAP Brainstorms?
  • Apply your skills in service of local nonprofits, with the opportunity to directly impact their success
  • Volunteer in a way that requires a limited commitment of time and can be easily integrated into your work and personal life
  • Connect and form relationships with other HBS/HKS alumni in Eastern Massachusetts
  • Gain insights into the inner working of the local nonprofit community
Brainstorm Volunteer Overview
  • Brainstorms allow CAP to serve a wide variety of nonprofit clients, especially those who are small or whose issues don’t fit with the CAP Consulting eight-month pro bono consulting engagements
  • Brainstorms allow HBS/HKS alumni to put their skills to use in service of local nonprofits with a limited time commitment
  • Examples of recent brainstorming session topics include: succession planning; board governance; impact measurement and reporting; ways to increase an organization’s visibility and reach; and staffing structures for continued growth
Brainstorm Session Overview
  • Brainstorm sessions are a targeted way to work with Boston area nonprofits on their management needs
  • Each brainstorm session consists of a 2-3 hour meeting to discuss and solve a clearly-defined challenge
  • Alumni of Harvard Business School or Harvard Kennedy School will participate in each facilitated session

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