Volunteer for CAP

  • Directly impact the success of nonprofits in Eastern Massachusetts
  • Meet and work with fellow alumni from a variety of backgrounds
  • All projects include: 4-6 alumni volunteers, active participation by client leadership and board
  • Topics can include strategic planning, growth strategy, strategic marketing, succession planning. financial sustainability

Become a CAP Volunteer

CAP Consulting Volunteers

  • Single October-May project cycle
  • Longer 6-8 month commitment
  • Multiple strategy issues
  • More formalized kick off, discovery engagement process
  • Primary and/secondary research often required
  • Defined deliverables at end

CAP Brainstorm Volunteers

  • Rolling inquiries — Brainstorm sessions available throughout the year
  • Limited time commitment: advanced reading + 2-3 hour session with client
  • Focus on single, clearly defined issue
  • Fast-paced CAP-facilitated interactive problem solving session

What Volunteers Are Saying

“I enjoyed the intellectual, political and business challenges working with the team and the client in developing a strategy. I particularly liked working with my teammates and the client’s Board.”

“It felt great to be able to offer insight and advice that the client valued so highly. It was personally invigorating to get out of what I do every day and think about new problems with new people.”