“Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve”

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Become a CAP Volunteer

  • Meet and work with fellow alumni from a variety of backgrounds
  • Gain insights into the inner workings of nonprofit organizations
  • Give back to the Boston community using your skills and experience

The positive experience of CAP teams brings our volunteers back. More than 50% of volunteers have worked on prior CAP projects.

Consultant Volunteer Info

Due to the widespread disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, CAP has decided to delay the 2020-21 CAP Consulting cycle and is currently not accepting volunteer applications at this time. The determination of the adjusted cycle is underway and will be announced as soon as a decision is made. Please contact CAP Executive Director, Kathy Le at with any questions. Thank you for your patience.

Consultant Volunteer Overview
  • Typical project team consists of five to seven alumni of Harvard Business School or Harvard Kennedy School working between two and four hours per week from October through May
  • The CAP team works side-by-side with the leadership of the nonprofit client
  • We leverage each team’s unique intellectual capital and business talent, customizing every project to meet client needs
  • The result is a mutually rewarding experience — for alumni who want to impact the social good, and for our nonprofit clients who need professional help
Consulting Project Overview
  • Each project is defined and agreed upon with the client organization in a written project commitment letter
  • A project team leader is designated prior to start-up with responsibility for guiding the project to completion
  • Each project has a liaison to the CAP board to track progress and provide assistance when necessary
  • A final report (oral and/or written) is made to client management and/or the board of directors
Consultant Volunteer Interest Form
Please fill out the following Volunteer Interest Form. We will contact you to submit a more complete application prior to the start of projects every Fall.

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“I enjoyed the intellectual, political and business challenges working with the team and the client in developing a strategy. I particularly liked working with my teammates and the client’s Board.”

Brainstorming Volunteer Info

Brainstorming Volunteer Overview
  • Brainstorming allows CAP to serve a wide variety of nonprofit clients, especially those who are small or whose issues don’t fit with the CAP Consulting eight-month pro bono consulting engagements
  • Brainstorming allows HBS/HKS alumni to put their skills to use in service of local nonprofits with a limited time commitment
  • Examples of recent brainstorming session topics include: succession planning; board governance; impact measurement and reporting; ways to increase an organization’s visibility and reach; and staffing structures for continued growth
Brainstorming Session Overview
  • Brainstorming sessions are a targeted way to work with Boston area nonprofits on their management needs
  • Each brainstorming session consists of a 2-3 hour meeting to discuss and solve a clearly-defined challenge
  • Typically five to seven volunteers, all alumni of Harvard Business School or Harvard Kennedy School, will participate in each facilitated session
Brainstorming Volunteer Interest Form
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Brainstorming Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in CAP Brainstorms.  All our current Brainstorm sessions are filled. New volunteer opportunities will be posted as they become available. 

“It felt great to be able to offer insight and advice that the client valued so highly. It was personally invigorating to get out of what I do every day and think about new problems with new people.”