CAP Brainstorms for Nonprofit Clients

Short, interactive discussions with experienced alumni volunteers

Why Engage with CAP Brainstorms?
  • 2-3 hour sessions on single, well defined business topics
  • Access 1,100+ local HBS/HKS alumni volunteers who bring an objective, external view to your organization’s challenges  
  • Engage experienced CAP Brainstorm facilitators who have hosted 75+ sessions over the past few years
Brainstorming Session Overview
  • Brainstorms allows CAP to serve a wide variety of nonprofit clients, especially those who are small or whose issues don’t fit with CAP pro bono consulting engagements
  • Examples of recent brainstorms session topics include: succession planning; board governance; impact measurement and reporting; ways to increase an organization’s visibility and reach; and staffing structures for continued growth
Brainstorm Process
  • Client inquiries are accepted on a rolling basis
  • A phone interview will be conducted if nonprofit applicant is selected to move to the next step in the process 
  • The client provides brief background materials in advance to prepare the participants to engage in a discussion focused on the brainstorm topic
Brainstorm Client Criteria
  • Charitable nonprofit organization with IRS 501(c)(3) status or other officially designated social enterprise
  • Located in Eastern Massachusetts
  • A mission which benefits the community
  • An engaged board of directors
  • Stable leadership in the organization
  • Capacity/resources to act on ideas generated during Brainstorm session
Brainstorm Session Criteria
  • Addresses a business or management issue, such as strategic planning, organizational development, finance, or marketing
  • Does not focus on development / fundraising strategy or implementation
  • Has goals which are well-defined and achievable by a volunteer team of consultants during a  brainstorm session
  • Has the support of the organization’s leadership

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