Client Overview

  • Pro bono business consulting available to nonprofit organizations based in Eastern Massachusetts
  • Access to HBS and HKS alumni with backgrounds in a variety of orgnizations and disciplines
  • Over 30 ears of experience connecting nonprofits to alumni expertise

Become a CAP Client

CAP Consulting Projects

  • 6-8 month projects with teams of 4-6 alumni volunteers
  • Opportunity to deeply explore strategic issues
  • Result is an actionable, measurable plan that drives impact

CAP Brainstorms

  • 2-3 hour meeting with CAP alumni volunteers
  • Focus on a single, clearly defined issue
  • Fast-paced, interactive problem solving session

What Clients Are Saying

“We came away so encouraged with the results of this small, professional engagement that it helped me create the impetus for the board of directors to get behind a full strategic planning process.”

~Toni Wiley, Executive Director, Sportsmen’s Tennis and Enrichment Center

“The alum group was wonderful—smart, thoughtful, and most importantly, unafraid to ask tough questions and challenge assumptions. We appreciated each and every one of their perspectives.”

~Penny Austen, Executive Director, ThinkGive, Inc.

“The CAP team brought years of strategic and tactical business expertise, a willingness to serve, and a collaborative and respectful approach to the engagement.”

~ Sara Loud, Accelerated Cure Project