HBS and HKS Alumni Helping Boston Area Nonprofits
Apply Management Skills to their Business Challenges

Our Mission

  • CAP increases the impact of mission-driven organizations by strengthening their ability to address our community’s greatest challenges.
  • Our pro bono consulting services connect experienced Harvard Business and Kennedy School alumni with mission-driven organizations in Eastern Massachusetts and beyond.

Our Vision

  • A Thriving Mission-Driven Sector Creating a more Equitable Community.

Core Values

  • Service:  We are part of a larger community with a variety of unmet needs, and we seek ways to make a positive impact.
  • Diversity:  We believe that diversity is a moral imperative and that differences of backgrounds and perspectives make us stronger.
  • Empathy:  We strive to understand the challenges faced by our clients and the people they serve.
  • Humility:  We value our clients’ expertise and commit to listening, learning and collaborating with them.
  • Honesty:  We promise to give the best advice we can.
  • Rigor:  We base our recommendations on data and facts informed by experience and professional judgment.