Application for CAP Consulting projects now available on line here. Applications are due June 1 for work beginning Fall 2018.

CAP matches select local nonprofits with teams of Harvard Business School and Kennedy School alumni to work, from October to May, on management consulting projects. Since CAP's inception, more than 1,000 volunteers have served over 200 nonprofit clients, providing more than 10,000 hours of pro bono  management consulting services annually worth ~$1.5 million at market rates.

“Your organization and the members of our CAP Team made a lasting difference in many people’s lives and for that we thank each of you from the bottom of our hearts.”  - Cliff Simmonds, Executive Director, Agassiz Village

Applications for our pro-bono business consulting services are accepted in early June for work beginning in October.

Client Criteria

  • Charitable nonprofit organization with IRS 501(c)(3) status
  • Located in Greater Boston
  • A mission which benefits the community
  • A minimum of five paid full-time staff as well as a board of directors
  • The Executive Director and client contact (if not the ED) should have at least a year's experience in their roles
  • Administrative capacity to oversee and support the consulting work
  • Not currently in a crisis situation which would require a more intensive level of assistance

Project Criteria

  • Deal with business or management-related issues in the organization, such as strategic planning, organizational development, finance, or marketing
  • Not focus on development / fundraising strategy or implementation
  • Have goals which are well-defined and achievable by a volunteer team of about 6 consultants within six months
  • Have the sponsorship of the organization's leadership, both staff and the board of directors

Project Implementation Guidelines

  • Each project is defined and agreed upon with the client organization prior to start-up in a written letter
  • A project team leader is designated prior to start-up with responsibility for guiding the project to completion
  • Each project has a liaison to the CAP board to track progress and provide assistance when necessary
  • A final report (oral and/or written) is made to client management and/or the board of directors

"As a repeat CAP client, Historic New England has benefitted tremendously from the business skills that our CAP team members bring to our projects. We've challenged the teams with a wide range of issues from public programming, to membership, to function rentals, to farming operations. Each team has jumped in with enthusiasm, energy, focus, and invaluable skills to deliver practical recommendations that have moved our programs forward. We truly value the outstanding work that CAP does.”

- Diane Viera, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Historic New England

About Our Volunteers

CAP volunteers spend about four hours per week between October and May on each engagement, working in teams of approximately six alumni per client. Volunteers range in age from their late twenties to their seventies and have experience in many different industries and functional areas.

HBS and HKS alumni volunteers derive personal satisfaction from making an impact on an area nonprofit. They also benefit from interacting with other alumni from diverse backgrounds. The positive experience of CAP teams has contributed to a high repeat rate of volunteers. Typically, more than 50 percent of the volunteers have experience with prior CAP projects.